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sustainability uae


because it's cool to care
we believe one of the most important things in life is to take care of our beautiful planet which has given us all of these natural, wonderfully perfumed flowers and plants which we use to create our candles & mists

as a brand, we do small things which we think can make a big difference and we would love it if you also took part in that too

below are some ways we help & ways you can too
sustainable uae
melt the excess wax down and pour into used tealight holders to burn
once your candle is finished, use hot water to clean out your jar and wipe well until clean
excess wax left in your jar?  melt and pour into an oil burner and use it as a wax melt
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we like to reuse our jars where possible so,
if you give us back your candle jars or sprays we will give you 10 % off your next purchase
refill candle dubai
or use your clean candle jar as a vase for flowers or foliage, make-up or paint brush holder, for cotton pads/buds or use as a tealight holder for a warm glow
hand made candles dubai

for our candles

-we use sustainably sourced 100% soy wax for our candles

oy wax is biodegradable & is easy to clean with just liquid soap and water

-100% pure essential oils

-cotton wick

this combination gives us the cleanest burn so your home is filled with goodness, not toxins
essential oils uae

for our sprays

-100% pure essential oils

-plant based, all natural carrier oils or liquids

this combination means there are no nasties or additives which are toxic

*essential mists are essentially a sanitiser for the times we live in therefore we have used 70% isopropyl alcohol with
essential oils

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