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behind the brand
candles dubai
best scented candles dubai

we want to make it a little easier for you to find by creating a selection for you to hopefully find the one or several scents that make you feel a certain way.

it could be a smell that reminds you of your childhood, a family trip from your youth, or maybe you last holiday with your friends. it could be the smell of your school playground, maybe a country walk, or simply a tea your great aunt used to drink.

natural candles dubai
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creating scents only with pure essential oils to trigger memories, emotions & experiences that are unique to you.

we are people who really appreciate that activation of a memory or a feeling when you encounter a certain smell. it’s unique how it can take you by surprise, or you can seek it.

essential oil benefits

it is personal to you. experience is everything, and we want to give you that opportunity to experience a memory or an emotion trigged by a unique scent combination.

it might not even be a trigger of an experience or emotion of the past, it could trigger a feeling in the present. something calming, rejuvinating or simply just a pleasant smell that makes you feel good.

hand made candles uae

the founder

hello! my name is Jennifer Moran, scent enthusiast & creator.

being half Lebanese, half English, there are many cultural combinations which trigger happy feelings for me, especially through scent. having lived in different places, scent has always been a constant to make me feel at ease and remember where I came from. the scent of orange blossom/neroli always takes me back to Lebanon, and the scent of earthy patchouli or fresh pine transporting me to country/forest walks in the UK. the trigger & effects have on me are so powerful, I wanted to share the experience with you.


I really look forward for you to experience our scent experiences & would love to hear about the stories & emotions you feel as an individual!

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