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A lot of people ask us, what is your favourite scent?

What scent would you recommend?

Read below to find out why we don't really answer this question!

natural scented candles dubai

To be perfectly honest, this is a difficult question to answer!

Each scent story translates differently to each individual. What is jungle trekking in south east asia to me, might be another memory trigger for you! Scent has touched us all in different ways, and has created different memories and emotions for us. It is simply unique to each individual.

What is my favourite might not be your favourite and vise versa! We recommend you to read our essential oil ingredients in our scent series & decipher what scent belongs to you.

You can also visit some of our stockists here in the UAE to have a little sniff and see where the scent journey takes you!

Also you might prefer one scent in the summer vs another scent in the winter, or even a particular scent depending on your mood ad or what you are doing, whether it is getting ready to go out, slowing down from a busy day, or starting fresh in the morning!


Some recommendations below for our UAE seasons!

Something a bit deeper and cosier in terms of scent notes to keep you emotionally warm in the winter, such as 05 together & 09 el buho. And perhaps something refreshing and vibrant for the summer/warmer, such as 07 l'apéro or 03 jungle.

natural scented candle dubai

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