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scent series

you can experience all of our products in each scent from our scent series

we currently have scents 01- 13 

our scents are inspired by memory & experiences which are at the heart of what & why we create


our scent stories & descriptions with help you to understand where you will be transported to & what they will smell like with the aromatherapy powers of essential oils

each scent is hand-poured & crafted here in the UAE 


olfaction me
candles dubai

read all our scent stories below

soy wax candle dubai

after that heart-filled family lunch in the mountain gardens


notes: earthy & floral


essential oils: neroli, petitgrain, cedarwood & patchouli

essential oil candle dubai

dans le domaine en provence where we stayed last summer

notes: fresh & herbaceous


essential oils: rosemary, oregano, lavender & lemon

natural candle dubai

trekking in paradise, pass the mosquito spray please

notes: fresh, uplifting & cleansing


essential oils: tea tree, cypress, citiodora, lemongrass & cedarwood

best scented candles dubai

wanders in the fresh air after a few days of heavy rain

notes: fresh & earthy


essential oils: pine needle, clary sage, patchouli & cedarwood

natural candle dubai

we unwind around the fire, it's sunset, the birds are chirping, we appreciate the small things

notes: warming & earthy


essential oils: clove, ylang ylang, patchouli & cedarwood

floral candle UAE

when fresh & floral meet to create something sweet

notes: fresh & floral


essential oils: neroli, lavender, geranium & cedarwood

olfaction candles

in the late afternoon by the sun-kissed sea, crisp air, laughter & chatter, accompanied by a cold glass of...

notes: fruity, zesty & earthy


essential oils: grapefruit, bergamot, cedarwood & ylang ylang

hand poured candle dubai

park, filled our summer morning & evening strolls with the comforting scent of freshly cut grass

notes: woody & earthy with a touch of floral & citrus


essential oils: vetiver, lavender, bergamot, patchouli & cedarwood

spa candle dubai

where we dipped our toes in the untouched spiritual waters of the cenotes

notes: spicy, earthy & exotic


essential oils: clove, patchouli, tea tree, lemongrass & cedarwood

scented candle dubai


notes: floral & fresh


essential oils: neroli with a touch of...

essential oil dubai

where the ocean, sunsets & mountains collide

notes: fruity, fresh & earthy 


essential oils: grapefruit, peppermint, rosemary, ylang ylang, orange & cedarwood

12 Bedouin Tea_edited_edited.png

with the sun rising from behind Mount Sinai & the moon ascending from the Red Sea

notes: herbaceous, fresh & earthy 


essential oils: sage, thyme, rosemary, bergamot & cedarwood 

13 Amalfi Coast_edited.jpg

where undefiable beauty awakens all your senses

notes: zesty, herbaceous & earthy 


essential oils: lemon, orange, rosemary, patchouli & vetiver

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