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we would like to encourage sustainability as much as we can, so we are offering 10% off your candle refill! this requires you saving your jar and returning it to us with your next order. we just need to you to keep your lid instead of taking a new one so we can re-use the jar for another candle order! this is very much appreciated :) 


alternatively if you don't want to reuse your jar for a refill, we recommend you re-purpose it as maybe a container to keep your coffee beans, perhaps as a stationery holder or even a vase for your flowers! let's be sustainable & mindful together x


please select your next scent on the drop down bar


*please contact us directly for the 09 el buho refill 




all of our scent experiences are created with a lot of love, care, creativity & of course pure & natural ingredients, for you to enjoy fully in your personal environments. sit back, relax, inhale & enjoy! 


to discover our different scents, read our scent stories here


candle refill

  • 100% pure essential oils, natural soy wax candles, emitting the cleanest of burns, filling your space with wanders & memories, all contained in an amber glass jar, ignited with a cotton wick

    8.5oz / 240ml  |  45-50 hour burn time

    hand-poured & crafted in the uae

  • your scent experience will arrive to you within 3-5 days of your purchase order

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